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We’re a non-profit organisation passionate about spreading and conserving Budo culture.

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Who We Are

Budo Culture Forum was founded in Budapest, Hungary as a non-profit organisation in June of 2001. Our team is made up of Japanese university professors, university presidents, education officials, and various agency and government members passionate about preserving and spreading the culture of Budo around Europe.

What We Do

We believe that a deeper understanding of Budo culture would allow the development of important relationships in the involving countries between Europe and Japan. To help further this cause we wish to spread accurate and credible Budo culture related information, and to create an educational hub for academic researchers, Budoka, as well as every day enthusiasts. Whether it’s publishing research papers, manuscripts, original articles, or organising various events and activities in European countries, our main goal is establishing awareness of Budo culture.


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Watch: The Story of the Japanese Sword

A video theater production directed and produced by the founders.


Together we can spread the beautiful
culture of Budo across Europe.

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