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A collection of credible information on Budo Culture.


To spread the most accurate Budo information.


An educational hub for Budo Culture.


A forum for academic researchers as well as enthusiasts of Budo Culture.


The purpose of this forum is to contribute to the establishment of martial arts culture in Europe by developing mutual understanding among the Japanese and private sectors, as well as to create a credible informational exchange between Japan and Europe.

The mission of the organization is to spread the true essence of Budo culture, and to organize various events and activities in European countries that help this purpose. Furthermore, the Forum wishes to contribute to the exchange of credible information between Japan and various countries in Europe. We believe that a deeper understanding of Budo culture would allow the development of important relationships in the countries involved.


In the past two decades we have seen a rapid growth in the popularity of Japanese Martial Arts. There has been a large increase of enthusiasts, expansion of organizations, as well as the growth of sophistication in competitions. However, the true understanding of Budo culture among enthusiasts is not always authentic. Many believe Budo to be merely a form of martial arts; a competitive sport which exaggerates violence. On the other hand we have enthusiasts who only practice the theoretical aspects of Budo, however often getting wrapped up in misconceptions and false beliefs. The result: the essence of the true Budo path is often overlooked and lost.


Educating the Budo community with authentic and credible knowledge is key, as the reality is that neglecting the matters will lead to the misrepresentation of traditional athletic cultural wealth. However, the lack of information on martial arts that meet japanese standards, as well as the absence of guidance systems has made the process of internationalization difficult and challenging in many ways.



In this age of globalization, cross-cultural understanding is becoming increasingly important. For this task, many different organizations around the world have been set up to work together. Contrary to the outdated model of government-maintained institutions responsible for cultural awareness, there has been an increase of non-profit organizations set up by citizens passionate about causes.

Now, as the construction of a new social model is under way, what is sought after is an organization in which citizens are actively involved to promote cultural exchange and understanding, without relying on the traditional government initiative.


The Forum for Budo Culture

aims to develop martial arts culture through these four points:





Education and

Public Relations

Training of personnel involved in the promotion of Budo culture

Any other projects required to achieve the objectives of the forum

Divi Chess Club

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